Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Launches New Database of Racial and Ethnic Diversity Resources to ‘Identify How Racism Has Affected Christian Higher Education’

A coalition of nearly 200 Christian institutions of higher education across North America has launched a new database providing resources to “identify how racism has affected and shaped the work of Christian higher education.”

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities established a database of racial and ethnic diversity resources this week. According to the database’s vision and purpose statement, “The resources on this website are intended to assist institutional leaders at Christian colleges and universities in facilitating learning and leading conversations.”

“The CCCU believes that God desires his people to be reconciled with him and with each other. The history of the human race is replete with profound racial discord, in spite of substantial efforts to address it (as seen in the resources on this site),” the statement reads.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Foley