RZIM Canada ‘Winding Down’ Operations After Report on Ravi Zacharias’ Sexual Misconduct

RZIM Canada is to begin “winding down” operations following a devastating report that laid bare historic sexual misconduct by late founder Ravi Zacharias.

The board of RZIM Canada said the findings – which included 200 photos of women on his devices and allegations of rape – had filled them “with desolation and grief.”

“We grieve for all the victims. No words are adequate or even appropriate, yet we must somehow find words. Their stories must be heard and heeded. We pray for healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation,” it said.

The decision to shutter the Canada branch follows its announcement last month that it would not receive any donations while the board sought God’s direction for the ministry.

Announcing RZIM Canada’s closure on Thursday, the board said: “We recognize the ongoing need for an apologetics-based approach to evangelism.

“Regrettably, we are of the conviction that it is not possible for RZIM Canada to fulfill this mandate within the current environment.

“Therefore, it is with heaviness of heart and after much prayerful consideration that we are compelled to begin winding down the operations of RZIM Canada.

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SOURCE: Christian Today, Jennifer Lee