Jack Graham on Why We Still Need a Shepherd in These Modern Times

Sheep are funny creatures. They’re sociable, but they’re also liable to wander off. They remember things, but they also roll over on their backs and can’t get up without assistance.

That’s why they need a shepherd.

Throughout Scripture, we see God as a Shepherd and his people as sheep. An online search of the English Standard Version translation of the Bible yields 198 hits on the word “sheep” and 111 hits on the word “shepherd.” Clearly, God is trying to tell us something: We need him.

Right now, people are afraid, anxious and angry. God foresees this tendency toward mental strain in us and provides us a necessary salve in Psalm 23. In this famous psalm of King David, I see God communicating three truths to his people: he is a Shepherd of restoration, protection and celebration.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jack Graham