What to Know When Buying a Makeup Blender?

The beauty blender is something which has made the makeup of an individual much easier. They have become a key component in the cosmetic tool box. When one uses a blending sponge it allows one to get flawless foundation coverage and this can be used for some seamless contouring.

There are many variations of blenders that are available in the market. Some are large and some are small and one has to choose their options depending on their needs. Applying foundation with fingertips will never gave an even finish and so using a blender always makes sense.

When choosing a beauty blender one must consider the size, shape and the porousness of it. The shape of the blender sponge is also very important if one wants to apply professional makeup. An egg shaped sponge blender is considered to be most effective. The egg shape can allow one to use the larger portion for application on the basic area of the face like forehead and cheeks. There are the smaller blenders as well with tapered end which one can use to blend foundation in the areas which are harder to reach. One can use the small end of the beauty blender under the eye area and around the nose so that one can fill up the wrinkles and get a flawless finish.

Both the shape and the size of the blender are important. This has to be chosen depending on the personal preference. But it is also a good idea to choose smaller blender which one can use to apply foundation. The porousness of the makeup sponge has to be considered as well. When choosing a blender one has to see how visibly textured it is and how smooth it feels on the surface. Before using a beauty blender it needs to be moistened with water and so one has to check how absorbent it is.

One can get foundation blender sponges at many stores both online and offline. The type of the sponge can vary from one brand to another and if one is a beginner in this field then they must go for the egg shaped ones. Also a cosmetic sponge is needed to be replaced every month even if they are cleaned after every use. This is because these cosmetic applicators are porous and they keep accumulating bacteria and germs.  The only negative thing about a blender is that it can absorb a lot of makeup (which is quite expensive these days) when they are used to dry. But the circular ones absorb more than the egg shaped ones and that is why the egg shaped ones are better. When using a beauty blender for the first time then one should not moisten the blender before using. Apply the foundation directly to the blender and then apply it in circular motion. Also one has to wet the sponge first and then use it. Drip out the extra water before using it though. These are the essentials one must know.