Turkish Man Allegedly Pushed Pregnant Wife Off Cliff After Taking Selfies and Then Tried to Collect Her Life Insurance Policy

Semra Aysal seen with her husband Hakan Aysal just before her death in 2018. (Newsflash)

A Turkish man killed his pregnant wife by throwing her off a cliff after posing for selfies and then tried to cash in on her life insurance, prosecutors allege.

Hakan Aysal was arrested for murdering his 32-year-old wife, Semra Aysal, and their unborn baby during a vacation in Butterfly Valley in Mugla, Turkey, in June 2018, the Sun reported.

Aysal, 40, allegedly shoved his wife — who was seven months pregnant — off the cliff after they took pictures. She fell 1,000 feet and died instantly, according to the outlet.

After Semra’s death, the husband tried to collect on a life insurance policy he took out for her worth 400,000 Turkish lira, or about $57,000. But he was denied due to a police investigation.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Elizabeth Elizalde