Sen. Ted Cruz to Fly Home Amid Anger Over Family Trip to Cancun While Millions of Texans Battled Deep Freeze and Powe Outages

Images purportedly showing Ted Cruz board a United Airlines Flight to Cancun, Mexico from Houston, TX. Source: @Ian McBride via Twitter

Is Sen. Ted Cruz now going to be known as “Flyin’ Ted”?

Cruz sparked widespread outrage Thursday for flying from Houston to Cancun, Mexico, for a family vacation even as millions of his fellow Texans froze because of historically low temperatures and widespread power outages.

After hours of his spokesmen not responding to media requests for comment about the trip he took Wednesday, Cruz issued a statement Thursday afternoon that said he took the trip because his two preteen daughters asked him to do so.

“Our homes are freezing and our lights are out. Like millions of Texans, our family lost heat and power too,” said Cruz, who also noted that he would be flying back home on Thursday.

Thousands of Twitter posts blasted Cruz for the ill-timed jaunt after photos circulated online of him at a Houston airport waiting to board the flight Wednesday afternoon, and then onboard the plane.

On Thursday, other images showed someone with the Republican’s last name and first initial of his legal first name — Rafael — standing by for a United Airlines flight from Cancun back to Houston. That flight is scheduled to depart Thursday afternoon.

At the time, the temperature in Houston was just 34 degrees Fahrenheit — 50 degrees colder than Cancun.

A photo showed Cruz shortly before his flight back home rolling a suitcase through Cancun’s airport, while wearing a mask with the Texas flag design on it.

Cruz got out of a car at the airport with a man wearing a polo shirt from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Cancun. That man accompanied Cruz through the airport.

The Ritz-Carlton’s website notes that it is “a five-star, oceanfront retreat in the heart of Cancun.”

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SOURCE: CNBC, Dan Mangan