‘This Is Extremely Dangerous’: No Safe Place in Frigid Texas

(Bloomberg) — The dangerously cold temperatures gripping auto-reliant Texas present a terrible dilemma for millions of residents: Stay put in heat-less homes, or ignore all official advice and venture forth on to the state’s treacherous highways.

Texans awoke Tuesday morning to a second day of blackouts, many having lost power more than 24 hours earlier. Weekend warnings of rolling outages have turned into an open-ended crisis, triggering frantic calls to elderly relatives, last-minute hotel bookings, shopping trips for propane canisters and fielding work email from the car.

The scale of the crisis gripping the state is threatening to take on a darker dimension. The National Guard was deployed to get old people into warming shelters. Air travel in and out of Houston was halted, and Covid-19 vaccination efforts faced potential disruption, with city officials racing to utilize more than 8,000 vaccine doses after a storage facility lost back-up power.

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Source: Yahoo