John Piper Gives Five Reasons Why Baptism is Important

Popular Reformed theologian and founder of John Piper recently laid out five reasons why baptism is an important practice for Christians to engage in.

Baptism is a Christian practice in which an individual, either an adult, child or baby, depending on specific theological tradition or circumstance, is either sprinkled with water or dipped into water to represent their becoming a Christian.

On an episode of the podcast “Ask Pastor John” posted to on Monday, a listener named Matthew inquired about the importance of baptism.

“I am a relatively new believer who was saved through a very faithful Bible preaching ministry on my college campus. I have since graduated and am now looking for a home church to become a member,” asked Matthew.

“In every case I have been asked if I have been baptized. I have not. I need to. And I plan to. But I was wondering if you could explain to a newer believer like me, why do I need to be baptized? What does it mean? And why is this an essential step for me to take?”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski