Detained Iranian Christians Pay Almost £1M in Bail Fees in 2020

Saghar is a believer from Iran whose house church was raided. However she avoided prison and was able to escape.

Iranian Christians paid almost £1m in bail fees over the last year according to a new report co-authored by Open Doors.

For many of those arrested, the charges against them were simply that they had attended church.

The persecution watchdog says that Christians in the Islamic Republic of Iran are being hit with exorbitant fees to stay out of prison – with some even having to surrender deeds for their homes in order to foot the bill.

Dr David Landrum, director of advocacy at Open Doors UK and Ireland, says that extreme rights violations against Christians in Iran didn’t let up with the Coronavirus pandemic.

“At least 115 Iranian Christians were arrested on grounds of religious activities or their Christian identity in 2020,” he said.

“Simply going to a house church is treated as a threat to national security.

“Christians – particularly converts from Islam – continued to be targeted for their faith.

“This repression stops Christians in Iran living a normal life, free from fear.”

The report has been published by religious-freedom organisations Article 18, Open Doors, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) and Middle East Concern (MEC).

It says that bail costs for Christians are often so high that they necessitate the submission of property deeds.

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SOURCE: Assist News