Thousands Displaced as Darfur Violence Surges; Local Christians Help Find Food and Shelter for Displaced and Injured

Image depicts armed militia riding camels through a town in West Darfur. (Photo courtesy of a Christian leader working in this region.)

2021 is off to a brutal start in Sudan. Renewed tribal violence is surging in Darfur with little to no government intervention.

A Christian leader* working in the region says that militia riding horses, camels, and motorcycles began wreaking havoc in West and South Darfur in mid-January. They’ve expanded since then, pursuing villages in North Darfur this week.

He says the fighters target unarmed civilians, raiding, pillaging, and burning villages in their bloody conquest. Victims meet a graphic end as Janjaweed and Rapid Support Forces use decapitation and mutilation to terrorize onlookers.

“Militias armed with all kinds of weapons continued to loot, plunder and terror[ize] with coverage by the Rapid Support Forces,” the leader explains, explaining how the assailants enter and attack villages.

Describing what he calls a “massacre” near the capital of West Darfur, where militants killed 160 people and injured 200, our contact says:

The situation continues to cast a shadow over the entire city. The sounds of bullets are heard from time to time, and the security authorities are completely unable to protect civilians. The seriously wounded have not yet been evacuated. [There is a] need for urgent intervention to provide health services, food, shelter, and psychological support for the displaced, whose number is estimated at tens of thousands.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for God’s mercy upon this situation, and ask Him to intervene on behalf of those targeted by militants.
  • Ask the Lord to protect His followers in Darfur.