Pakistan Partnership Initiative, Pak Mission Society Providing New Grants and Training for Christian Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Image courtesy of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Flickr

The COVID-19 pandemic has put pressure on small businesses globally, including in Pakistan. Without any safety nets, many businesses have closed down. However, several groups are coming together to help re-establish Christian small businesses through grants, as well as promote entrepreneurial efforts in the Church.

Jonathan, a Christian worker in Pakistan says, “The groups that I’m working with – the Pakistan Partnership Initiative, the Pak Mission Society – are already looking at Business Reestablishment Grants for people who have a track record of having successful businesses but went out of business during COVID. [We want] to help them get out from under their weight of debt – a $500 grant to just help them get their businesses started again.”

This effort will not only help to support individuals and their families but can support the Church and new entrepreneurs as well.

A Broad Vision for Christian Business

While God designed people to be creative, sometimes there are narrow views in the Church of what Christian businesses should look like. Having a base of Christian businesses operating in an area gives new entrepreneurs ideas of how their work can bring glory to God.

“So being salt and light in the marketplace, sharing your faith with other businesspeople, He’s gifted some people in that way. Others may see their giftedness in terms of providing jobs that give a fair wage, and they deal with integrity in the marketplace.

“Others may do things like actually make grants to poverty alleviation programs, like many of the Christian foundations here do. I think there are many ways in which your view of being a steward of these resources can express itself.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that Christian Pakistani small businesses would be able to use the grants effectively to reopen.
  • Pray for success with the new partnerships and vision for Pakistani entrepreneurs.
  • Support the grant program financially.