It Might be Time for Dak Prescott to Want Out of Dallas

Credit: Reuters

It might be time for Dak Prescott to take matters into his own hands.

The standout quarterback, who suffered a season-ending ankle injury in 2020 while having one of the best starts to a season for any QB in history, has helped carry the Cowboys to three winning seasons since becoming a starter in 2016. However, Prescott is likely on the verge of getting franchise tagged again by an organization that refuses to give him the contract he deserves.

Prescott wants a four-year deal for more flexibility and higher earning potential based on future cap increases. The Cowboys want Prescott to agree to a five-year deal to ensure a longer commitment to the franchise for less money. If Prescott gets franchise tagged again, he’ll likely receive $37.7 million for the 2021 season, but would probably miss out on a contract that could make him one of the highest-paid players in league history.

The two sides have already gone back and forth in two drawn-out negotiation attempts, failing both times to reach common ground. The franchise tag assessment deadline is in March, and the deadline for negotiating a new deal is in July.

The fact of the matter is both sides know how important Prescott is to the Cowboys’ success. Yet if they don’t want to treat Prescott like the integral piece he is, then it might be time for him to follow the blueprint of some other high-profile quarterbacks and take power into his own hands.

If Dallas threatens to franchise tag Prescott again, he should start exploring opportunities with other teams. While Prescott can’t talk with other teams under an exclusive franchise tag, he could force himself out of Dallas by requesting a trade and forcing the Cowboys to capitulate to where he wants to go.

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SOURCE: Deadspin