Indian Farmers Continue to Protest New Agriculture Laws; the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Continues to Grow

The header image shows protesting farmers marching to Delhi. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

Thousands of Indian farmers have protested new agricultural laws since September 2020. Last week, police in riot gear tried to force farmers off a protest site near the territory of Delhi. The farmers refused to move, and 18,000 tractors assembled in a show of defiance.

Unrest spread to surrounding areas, and Hindu nationalist gangs began attacking farmers. One farmer has died in the violence. The internet has now been suspended in many of the surrounding areas.

Power struggle

says the new laws benefit only large corporations. “This is going to hurt the small farmers, which there are literally hundreds of millions of in India. The protests have risen up pretty much nonstop since September. The government has tried to squelch these protests, even digging up the roads and destroying their own infrastructure so that the farmers can’t get to the nation’s capital.”

These new laws threaten food security for people across the country, especially in remote areas. But the protests show the Hindu nationalist government may be losing some of its power. Pudaite says, “They’re anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti any other religion except Hinduism. They had come back to power for a second five-year term. This is possibly a positive sign that they’re losing control, losing their base [of voters].”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Ask Jesus to strengthen His Indian people as the Church continues to grow.
  • Pray India’s government would let people get the food and resources they need.