Forgotten Missionaries International Translating 50 Bible Stories for Pakistani “Frontier” Peoples

Photo courtesy of FMI

Eastern Balochi speakers in Pakistan are considered “frontier” peoples by The Joshua Project. With a population of over four million, they are primarily Muslim and still do not have access to the Gospel.

But FMI hopes to change that. FMI recently partnered with another ministry to translate 50 Bible stories into the Eastern Balochi dialect in Pakistan.

Nehemiah* with FMI says this Eastern Balochi Scripture translation project is a profound answer to prayer.

“Even before this project, we had been praying for years and years specifically for this region [in Pakistan] because this region is so significant. This region has great geopolitical importance because it’s so diverse.”

Unfortunately, Nehemiah says this province also has significant challenges. “This province is always a target of terrorism and ignorance by the state of Pakistan. It has so many different and difficult problems.”

This translation project could take up to two years to finish. But once they are done, Eastern Balochi speakers in Pakistan will have access to 50 Bible stories from the creation account to Revelation.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Taylor Benson


  • Pray for wisdom for FMI as they discern how best to complete and distribute Eastern Balochi Scripture translations.
  • Ask God to protect and strengthen the translators for this project.