Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancee Brittany Matthews Calls Out ESPN ‘Trash’ for Tweeting Out ‘Corny’ Photos of the Kansas City Chiefs QB During Super Bowl LV

Corny: ‘Cool ESPN, love the support of a major sports platform for one of the best players in the league…’ she said, adding five corn emojis next to, ‘yyyy’ indicating the photo was ‘corny’

While Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs were battling Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, Mahomes’ fiancee Brittany Matthews was engaged in a Twitter battle, of sorts.

Matthews, 25, a personal trainer and owner of Brittany Lynne Fitness, called out ESPN for tweeting out some photos of Mahomes, 25, during the game.

Since the photos weren’t the most flattering, Matthews thought it was ‘corny’ for the major sports network to be tweeting out such photos.

The first photo showed Patrick in the early part of the 4th quarter, with his team down 31-9, which would ultimately be the final score.

Mahomes looked a bit upset after one of his plays had gone wrong, with Matthews taking the sports network to task.