Four skiers are killed and four others rescued in Utah avalanche that matches the record for the deadliest in state history

A Saturday morning avalanche in Utah has resulted in the death of four skiers, with four others being rescued in what tied for the deadliest snowslide in state history.

The avalanche reportedly happened in in the Wilson Glade area of the Wilson Fork, which is near Alexander Basin and Gobblers Knob.

FOX 13 reports the Unified Police Department responded to a distress call in Millcreek Canyon around 11:40am.

All eight skiers were wearing avalanche beacons, electronic devices equipped with radio signals, which helped rescuers find the victims.

None of the victims have been identified publicly at this point.

The medical conditions of the four survivors is unknown, though one who reportedly had hypothermia was taken off the mountain ahead of the others.

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Source: Daily Mail