Here we go: Why President Biden’s LGBTQ Executive Order Could be ‘turning equality upside-down’

On Jan. 20th, Kamala Harris made history for millions of girls and women who had long dreamed of a woman vice president. Hours later, however, a newly sworn-in President Biden would fundamentally alter their rights, with an LGBTQ executive order designed to open up school bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports to any student of any sex.

The Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender or Sexual Identity, citing respect and dignity for all, focuses on children who it says should not be denied access to the restroom, locker room or school sports while broadly stating that all people should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. It gives federal agencies 100 days to decide how to implement the order.

The country’s top LGBTQ advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, praised the order for building on the Supreme Court’s Bostock decision last year and for promoting equality.

It called it “the most substantive, wide-ranging executive order concerning sexual orientation and gender identity ever issued by a United States president.”

But conservatives and some feminists believe the order crushes girls and women’s rights, ending their safe, protected spaces and eviscerating their sports.

“It’s turning equality upside-down,” said Dr. Ryan Anderson, the new president of the Ethics & Public Policy Center. “The entire reason we have separate male and female locker rooms and sports teams is that people with male and female bodies should have a certain amount of privacy and safety and fairness in competition.”

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Source: CBN