How Do “Creatives” Fit into the Great Commission?

(Image from “Within Reach” short video, courtesy of Global Disciples)

How do believers with creative gifts fit into the Great Commission? It’s a harder question for an artist or dancer to answer than, say, a pastor or missionary.

Global Disciples recognizes all talents and gifts are important in God’s economy to spread the Gospel! That’s why they recently teamed up with Kent Mast at Mast Film Co to produce artistic, missional short videos like their latest one, “Within Reach”.

Mast says it’s easy for creatives like himself to struggle with doubt and confusion when it comes to Kingdom calling.

“I was someone who grew up really not knowing I was a creative. And I think that’s a common problem with creatives. We kind of underplay our own gifts and abilities. So it’s easy to be like, ‘My gifts, my impact, the things I’ve been given, eh, what do I have?’ And that’s really not what Jesus has for us,” Mast says.

“Whatever [gifts] He gives us, we need to be using them. And we’re invited to be using them to further the Kingdom.”

Partnering with Global Disciples has been a meaningful chance for Mast to use his gifts in film making for Jesus.

“That is so powerful that we could be given the ability to influence the heart and mind and emotions and say, ‘Wow, look at what God is doing. Look at what God is capable of. Look, this God is still here.’”

For creatives — singers, writers, artists, dancers, actors, photographers, and more — there is no useless gift in the Kingdom of God.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for discernment in how you can use your creative gifts for God’s glory.
  • Ask the Lord to open doors for partnerships in the Great Commission.