Michael Brown on Newsflash to the ACLU: Boys Are Different Than Girls

In a series of tweets posted on Feb. 3, the ACLU alleged that “trans girls are girls” and that “the idea of sex being rooted in biology is a ‘myth.'”

Yes, the ACLU affirmed, “Biological sex and gender are not binaries,” and “Trans athletes do not have an unfair advantage in sports.” Accordingly, the only reason to deny a trans-identified student the right to play on the sports’ team of his or her choice is “pure discrimination.”

To this I say—with love and compassion to these young people who struggle with their gender identity—this is a lot of bunk.

Of course, boys are different than girls.

Of course, there are biological distinctions.

Of course, males, on average, have biological advantages over females when it comes to strength and size and speed.

That’s why we have girls’ leagues and boys’ leagues, from Little League through college through professional sports.

That’s why we have men’s and women’s competition in the Olympics, and that why we have men’s and women’s world records.

That’s why the fastest mile run by a high school male was 3.53.43 (by Alan Webb in 2001) while the fastest mile run by a high school female was 4.33.87 (by Katelyn Tuohy in 2018). What an extraordinary gap between the sexes.

That’s why a 17-year-old male cleared 19 feet in the pole vault while the world record for a female of any age stands at a little over 16 feet 5 inches.

That’s why there is no comparison in weightlifting records between men and women as “men’s ability to produce maximal force and thus levels of limit strength are much greater than those exhibited in women.”

This holds true whether we’re dealing with 16-year-olds or 26-year-olds. Males are different than females and, when it comes to athletic competition, they have distinct advantages over women.

But of course, that’s the case.

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SOURCE: Charisma News