Louisiana Church Pays $125,000 in Electricity Bills for 1,250 Families

Pastor Antoine (right) and First Lady Dale Barriere (left) (Facebook/Household of Faith)

In a generous show of support, a New Orleans, Louisiana, church has paid $125,000 toward its congregants’ electricity bills.

Supporters started the fundraiser to provide for Household of Faith Family Worship Church International members’ needs in the most tangible way they knew how, as extended periods of time at home and the drop in temperatures have increased homeowners’ bills.

“Our hope is to encourage the community to never give up and when you think there’s no help, out of the blue help steps in,” First Lady Dale Barriere explained to The Christian Post.

The inspiration for this selfless act came directly from God, Barriere says. “Our prayer was how can we help those who are hurting and He said [give] $100 [checks] towards Entergy bill[s].” Pastor Antoine M. Barriere said they gave generously for one simple fact: “Because God said so.”

The church initially raised the first $50,000 and the energy company Entergy matched their donations. The community of Harvey, Louisiana, in which the church’s three campuses are located, donated an additional $25,000. Ultimately, the “Power Is Present” outreach impacted 1,250 families.

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SOURCE: CBN News, Nadia Joy Schult