Data shows that coronavirus plague survivors are twice as likely to suffer side effects from Pfizer’s vaccine

Covid survivors are almost twice as likely to suffer side effects from Pfizer’s vaccine compared to those who have never contracted the virus, data suggests.

Figures from a symptom-tracking app show 33 per cent of people who had already been struck down the virus endured at least one mild side effect — such as fatigue or a headache a week after getting their jab.

For comparison, the rate was just 19 per cent among non-Covid sufferers.

The ZOE Covid-19 Symptom Study app revealed the most common side effect was fatigue, with nine per cent. It was followed by headaches (eight per cent) and chills (four per cent).

Meanwhile, the data also showed most of the side effects — known as systematic because the whole body is affected — appeared within 48 hours of getting vaccinated.

Only three per cent experienced complications lasting beyond three days.

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Source: Daily Mail