Newsmax Cuts Off Mike Lindell’s Mic and Anchor Walks Off Set On Air when the MyPillow CEO Started Ranting About Election Fraud and Voting Machines

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell stands outside the West Wing of the White House, January 15, 2021. (File photo: Erin Scott/Reuters)

The pro-Trump network Newsmax on Tuesday cut off the microphone of Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, after he started amplifying bogus conspiracy theories about the 2020 election while on the air.

On Monday, Twitter permanently banned the account belonging to MyPillow after Lindell used it to try to get around his own earlier ban from the platform.

During the Newsmax interview, Lindell began saying he was being “canceled” because he had evidence of election malfeasance.

“Well, first mine was taken down because we have all the election fraud with these Dominion machines. We have 100% proof, and then when they took it down — ” Lindell began before the anchor, Bob Sellers, cut him off.

“Mike, you’re talking about machines, that we at Newsmax have not been able to verify any of those kinds of allegations. We just want to let people know that there’s nothing substantive that we’ve seen. And let me read you something,” Sellers said as he looked down to read from a statement.

“While there were some clear evidence of some cases of vote fraud and election irregularities, the election results in every state were certified, and Newsmax accepts the results as legal and final,” the anchor said. “The courts have also supported that view.”

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SOURCE: Business Insider, Sonam Sheth