Newsmax anchor walks off set after trying to stop MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell spouting election fraud theories about Dominion Voting Systems during segment on Twitter censorship

Newsmax was forced to cut off Mike Lindell live on air when he started spouting election fraud conspiracy theories during a segment about MyPillow being permanently banned from Twitter.

Bob Sellers stormed off camera Tuesday night as he tried to fact-check Lindell and stop him pushing unfounded claims about Dominion Voting Systems rigging the presidential election.

Lindell was appearing on the show after Twitter banned the corporate account for MyPillow Monday, citing ‘repeated violations of our Civic Integrity Policy’.

The ban came after Lindell appeared to use the company account to call for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to be jailed – one week after Lindell himself was barred from the platform for supporting Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud.

Lindell was asked about the ban on Newsmax Tuesday night but instead launched into a rant spewing out unfounded claims of fraud in the presidential election and claiming he had ‘100 percent proof’ that Dominion had committed mass voter fraud.

There is no evidence of election fraud involving Dominion or any other entity, with dozens of lawsuits filed by Trump and his supporters tossed, recounts coming up with the same vote counts and the Trump administration even admitting the election was legal and fair.

Dominion Voting Systems has already threatened to sue both Newsmax and Lindell over them pushing conspiracy theories about its ballot counting machines.

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Source: Daily Mail