Nebraska Catholic Priest Who Boasted About Performing Exorcism at the Capitol During the Riots Faces Expulsion From the Church

A Catholic priest from Nebraska who boasted about performing an ‘exorcism’ at the US Capitol during the January 6 MAGA riots is facing calls to be defrocked.

Video showed the Rev David Fulton speaking to a filmmaker, Eddie Becker, about how he performed the exorcism on a demon named ‘Baphomet’ who he said is ‘dissolving the country’ as he stood in a sea of President Donald Trump’s supporters.

Fulton, who was wearing a clerical collar, identifies himself as a ‘Roman Catholic’ from Nebraska and holds up a book entitled: ‘Minor Exorcisms and Deliverance Prayers in Latin and in English’.

‘Got this going,’ he says, pointing to the book. ‘Got these exorcism prayers going, there’s priests that’re using them.’

The priest went on to explain how he’d carried out the exorcism, saying: ‘We’ll see, we’ll see what effect [it had].’

The video was exposed in an article by the Omaha World-Herald, which reported that parishioners are now demanding that Fulton be stripped of his priestly title over his involvement in the insurrection and the comments he made when he was there.

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Source: Daily Mail