Here we go: American Girl’s ‘2021 Girl of the Year’ Includes Lesbian Storyline

American Girl has released its “2021 Girl of the Year”, and this is the first doll to include an LGBTQ element.

The storyline for Kira Baily, a 10-year-old who is passionate about animals and the environment, includes spending a summer in Australia with her great-aunts’ Mamie and Lynette.

The doll company, owned by Mattel, first made the announcement in a press release on Dec. 31, revealing that their dolls are designed to reflect the present time with “contemporary characters that inspires children.”

“As American Girl kicks off its 35th year, Kira joins our lineup of diverse and purposeful characters who star in stories that reflect the realities of the times—whether it’s historical or modern-day,” says Jamie Cygielman, general manager of American Girl.

The American Girl website doesn’t specifically say her aunts are in a same-sex relationship, however, the book about Kira explains that her aunts married “after the law was changed to allow it,” according to Yahoo.

But many customers who purchased the book criticized the company for including an LGBTQ angle with a product that targets 8-10 year olds.

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Source: CBN