Alternative Healing Options to Help with Pain

Pain makes you human, but you don’t have to suffer from intense pain to show that you’re brave and strong. This subjective feeling can knock down even the healthiest and most fit man on earth. It significantly lowers a person’s quality of life, especially for vulnerable populations, such as children, the disabled, and the elderly.

While pain can be reduced by pain relievers, these medications can cause side effects or other health problems. Luckily, there are some alternative healing options available to help with pain management. In this article, you will learn more about some of these alternative healing options to help in managing pain.


One of the most sought pain management alternatives is cannabidiol (CBD) oil, derived from hemp and cannabis plants. This compound allegedly possesses analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce inflammation and pain. CBD oil does not cause any psychotropic effects or ‘high,’ unlike marijuana, as it lacks THC—the compound that induces said ‘high’—making CBD a perfect potential pain management option.

CBD oil is believed to reduce pain caused by arthritis, migraines, neck pain, and back pain. You can check the best CBD brands today online to kickstart your CBD journey today.

Here’s how to use CBD oil:

  • Sublingual Route: You may place CBD oil under the tongue for quick absorption of the CBD, allowing the compound to take effect more quickly.
  • Oral Ingestion: You can ingest CBD oil or capsules for long-term effects (works for up to four hours).
  • Vaporization: CBD oil also comes in e-juices for vaporization. Vapor technology allows the patient to inhale CBD, which goes to the lungs for instant effect.
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Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) may help to relieve inflammation and its associated pain and is also derived from hemp and cannabis. It affects serotonin levels, which is a neurotransmitter produced by nerve cells. CBDA oil has no psychotropic effects, so that it won’t affect your physical and cognitive performance. You can take this alternative pain treatment like CBD oil.

Reduce Stress and Pain Naturally

Pain becomes worse because of stress. Stress sources may include current events, such as politics, family issues, and career problems. Especially during the ongoing pandemic crisis, living in tension can be a significant source of pain. The uncertainties brought about by COVID-19, unemployment, and other social problems can contribute to the pain you’re experiencing.

The way you cope with stress can affect your pain levels. It is because pain can be caused not just by physical ailment but also psychologically. So, how do you handle stress and pain naturally?

  • Breathing Exercises: Slow deep breathing can help reduce pain and stress. Try to breathe from your abdomen instead of your chest. It will help you breathe more comfortably.
  • Yoga and Meditation: These activities promote proper breathing, posture, and peace of mind. They can divert your pain perception into yoga poses and prayers to help reduce pain and stress. You can set a private space alone and perform yoga and meditation to benefit from these activities fully.
  • Herbs and Spices: These food ingredients may help to naturally reduce pain, such as willow bark for headache, arthritis, and low back pain. Turmeric is a spice rich in antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation and repair cellular and tissue damage. Whole cloves may ease nausea, reduce arthritic inflammation, and be used as a topical pain reliever.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

If your pain tolerance is low, you might consider living a healthier lifestyle to prevent and treat pain. Everywhere, microbes are present, so you have to build a stronger immune system by eating nutritious foods and taking dietary supplements. Regular exercise and getting adequate rest and sleep also help to promote faster healing of the body inside out.

If you have arthritis, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or headache, you have to know the foods that may aggravate these pain types. For instance, gouty arthritis can be made worse by eating organ meats, sardines, and beans.


You have just learned the different alternative healing options in managing pain. CBD oil and CBDA oil are extracted from hemp and cannabis plants. These compounds can help relieve pain because of their alleged anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. While many of the above examples don’t directly impact reducing pain, they can indirectly affect a person’s perception of pain. Reducing stress sources, such as breathing exercises and yoga, can help ease pain and promote a more relaxed mind and body.