WATCH: Cold Dog Tries to Climb Inside his Owner’s Warm Robe as she Sits at her Desk Working from Home

Ms Gijsbers’ boyfriend Sjors Rombouts laughs as the canine stares at him from the sleeve of the dressing gown

This is comical moment a cold dog finds the perfect spot to keep warm – inside his owner’s dressing gown.

Daisy Gijsbers had been trying to work from her home in Budel, the Netherlands, when her Indonesian rescue dog Ralphy clambered onto her lap.

The canine managed to manoeuvre into her fluffy robe before poking his snout out of her sleeve.

During the clip, which was filmed on January 7, Ralphy pokes his head into Ms Gijsbers’ dressing gown as she sits at her desk and tries to work.

The dog remains seated on the chair and moves his head further inside the robe as his owner laughs at her pet’s persistence.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Bhvishya Patel