Massive Chunk of California’s Highway 1 Destroyed After Heavy Rain Storms Cause Mudslides

Highway 1 | CREDIT: NEWSCHANNEL 3-12

A section of California’s Highway 1 in Monterey County was swept off to sea after intense rain storms this week.

Photos of the scenic highway show a massive chunk of road along the coastline missing, which has led to road closures in the area.

The missing section, about 20 miles south of Big Sur, is the only known location where the road was washed out, Caltrans spokesperson Jim Shivers told SF Gate.

“Our maintenance team is patrolling the highway now to look for other damage,” he said.

California Highway Patrol said that Highway 1 is closed from mile marker 40 to the San Luis Obispo county line, the SF Gate reported Friday.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Ashley Boucher