University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Bans Use of ‘Thin Blue Line’ Imagery While Officers Are at Work

Creator: Morry Gash | Credit: AP

University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Kristen Roman has banned the use of “thin blue line” imagery while officers are at work.

Roman sent an email to the police staff that was released Tuesday saying the flag has been “co-opted” by people with “hateful ideologies” and that the imagery hurts their relationship with the community, the Wisconsin State Journal reported on Friday.

“I understand that this decision may cause emotional responses, even anger from some,” Roman said. “I, too, feel hurt and disappointed as we confront our current reality. I know this is hard. I know this issue is complicated.”

Banned displays of thin blue line imagery include flags, pins, bracelets, notebooks, coffee mugs and other accessories. The only exceptions are visible tattoos and certain events for officers such as funerals.

Meant to express support for police, thin blue line imagery became very popular last year among opponents to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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SOURCE: The Hill, Lexi Lonas