Deadly coronavirus plague Mutations Can’t Stop the Party in Florida

MIAMI—On Tuesday evening, a trio of young women approached the back gate of Lagniappe, a tree-lined, outdoor patio wine bar near Wynwood, a trendy neighborhood of Miami that has served as Florida’s COVID-19 epicenter since the pandemic washed over the state. From the sidewalk, it was easy to see the popular drinking spot was full. Nearly all of Lagniappe’s circular patio tables were packed with maskless people sharing bottles of pinot grigio, rose, and merlot.

On Monday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported that 92 out of 293 known U.S. cases of the B.1.1.7 variant, or the “U.K. variant,” a potentially more contagious strain of the coronavirus, were found in Florida. For comparison, California, which has nearly double the population, had identified 90 cases of the same variant. As the Miami Herald reported Wednesday, the U.K. variant had been identified in 19 Florida counties, but the highest incidence of known cases was in Miami-Dade and neighboring Broward. Researchers with Miami’s Jackson Health Systems have also begun analyzing positive samples for the P1 strain of the coronavirus, known as the Brazilian variant, given that Miami International Airport has two daily direct flights from Brazil, according to the paper.

Yet 25-year-old Amy Baez and her two pals at the bar didn’t seem fazed.

“I just don’t think COVID should keep me from enjoying myself and going out,” Baez said. “I definitely don’t want to catch it. But I only see a small circle of friends, we all wear masks, and meet up in places that have outdoor seating.”

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Source: Daily Beast