Clinic in Ecuador that gave fake coronavirus plague vaccine to 70,000 patients who each paid $45 is shut down

A health clinic in Ecuador has been caught administering fake COVID vaccines to tens of thousands of patients.

Quito security chief César Díaz told reporters that the bogus facility had treated at least 70,000 patients who were charged $15 for each of the three doses they were required to take. He said patients were told they would be immune to the deadly virus once they had received all three doses.

Díaz said that Quito health officials do not know what type of formula was injected into each of the patients who were treated at the facility – which has not been identified.

A video that appears to have been recorded by an undercover agent shows Dr. Lucía Peñafiel, who was in charge of the site’s operation, not wearing while treating a patient because she claimed she and her staff ‘are protected.’

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Source: Daily Mail