America’s coronavirus plague response ranks among the worst in the world: US comes 94th place (out of 98) and just above I in shocking new study

The US has had the fifth worst response to the Covid pandemic in the world, a think tank has claimed.

The Lowy Institute ranked nearly 100 countries on their management of the global crisis after their hundredth confirmed case.

The US came 94th out of 98, followed only by Iran, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil in last place in the study by the Lowy Institute.

To date, the US has recorded 25.6million cases and 429,125 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins Institute.

Both figures are the highest of any country in the world, with India registering the next highest total infections with 10.7million, and Brazil the second most deaths with 220,000. Measured per million, the US has the eighth highest death toll in the world.

New Zealand was ranked as the world’s most effective handler, recording only 25 deaths and 2,295 cases.

Vietnam came in second place in the Loy Institute study with a population of 70million, followed by Taiwan, Thailand, Cyprus, and Rwanda.

The US has attracted criticism throughout the pandemic, particularly with Donald Trump’s dismissal of the virus as a ‘flu’ in its early stages.

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Source: Daily Mail