Oregon’s vaccine committee want people of color to be prioritized for shots ‘to tackle structural racism in healthcare’

Oregon’s COVID-19 vaccine committee has proposed prioritizing shots to communities of color in order to tackle ‘structural racism’ in healthcare.

The state’s 27-member COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee recommended Thursday that the next eligible group to get the shot should be the roughly 806,000 people that make up the BIPOC – black, indigenous, and other people of color – communities across the state.

It also recommended people with underlying chronic conditions – about 1.8 million Oregonians – be next in line pitting these two groups ahead of some essential frontline workers and prisoners.

The committee, made up of representatives and public health professionals, was set up by the state and tasked with the job of recommending the order in which vaccines are administered.

The state has said it will follow its recommendations but Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority do hold the final say.

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Source: Daily Mail