Dr. Lee Brand Jr, Dean of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Nominated for First Vice President of SBC

Dr. Lee Brand Jr., Vice-President and Dean of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (Mid-America), will be nominated for First Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention in June 2021.

Dr. Brand’s future nomination was announced by his pastor James Lewis. Lewis, pastor of DeSoto Hills Baptist Church in Southaven, MS, describes Dr. Brand as, “a fellow pilgrim who walks beside his pastor encouraging me along the way. He has a deep and growing passion for God’s Word, God’s people, and God’s servants.  He believes strongly in the inerrant and sufficient message of God’s Word and the mission of the local church. In his role at the seminary, he is helping equip a new generation of church leaders for Bible-based, Spirit-led, and God-honoring ministry.”

“Dr. Brand is a grounded and reassuring voice for these uncertain times,” Lewis continues.

In response to his upcoming nomination Dr. Brand says, “I am honored by this opportunity to serve.  When I was first approached, I bathed the matter in much prayer before I accepted. The goals and focus of my ministry are the Word of God and service to others.  It will be my pleasure to serve the SBC if elected, and I will do so through prayer and faithful application of God’s Word.”

Dr. Brand is a two-time graduate of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary holding both an MDiv and a PhD. He currently serves as Vice President and Dean of the Seminary at Mid-America where his responsibilities include supervising the faculty and guiding the degrees and curriculum of the seminary.

Dr. Michael Spradlin president of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary describes Dr. Brand as, “the ideal seminary dean because of his passion for the Bible, love for the local church, and his courage to stand on the truth of Scripture against any and all falsehoods even if he stands alone. Dr. Brand represents what our convention needs. He is a capable and humble leader with a passion for training pastors and seeing the world reached for Jesus. Dr. Brand bases his life on the Sufficiency of Scripture which is an example to us all.”

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SOURCE: Capstone Report