Boris Johnson offers his ‘deepest condolences’ to families of more than 100,000 Britons who have now lost their lives to coronavirus plague

Boris Johnson said he was ‘deeply sorry for every life lost’ last night as the UK went past 100,000 coronavirus deaths, as one expert warned Britain could see another 30,000 deaths ‘within the next month’.

In a sombre press conference, The Prime Minister said he took ‘full responsibility’ for every action his Government had taken in the pandemic.

He insisted ministers had done ‘everything we could’ to limit the fatalities but admitted it was ‘hard to compute the sorrow’ behind the death toll. The UK is the first country in Europe to reach the grim milestone.

Describing it as ‘an appalling and tragic loss of life’, an emotional Mr Johnson said each victim was a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or grandparent.

And he acknowledged that many relatives mourned ‘without the chance to even say goodbye’.

The Prime Minister said the country would have time to ‘learn lessons, reflect and repair’ at the end of the crisis, which was now in sight thanks to the roll-out of vaccines.

And he said the nation would then come together ‘to remember everyone we lost, and to honour the selfless heroism of all those on the front line who gave their lives to save others’.

Mr Johnson added: ‘On this day I should just really repeat that I am deeply sorry for every life that has been lost and, of course, as I was Prime Minister I take full responsibility for everything that the Government has done.

‘What I can tell you is that we truly did everything we could, and continue to do everything that we can, to minimise loss of life and to minimise suffering in what has been a very, very difficult stage, and a very, very difficult crisis for our country.

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Source: Daily Mail