What Every Remote Worker Needs to Invest In

Remote jobs have become more popular than ever. Employees and freelancers alike benefit from the freedom of working from home or traveling as they please. If you’re looking to join the remote masses, this article will help you set up a personal office with all the essentials.

Decide on Your Workspace and How to Afford It

Whether you work solely from home or travel constantly, you still need a designated workspace. This could be as simple as a laptop stand or as complex as a dual monitor desktop. Figure out what’s necessary for your basic tasks and efficiency. Tech products you might need can range from specific hardware to online productivity tool subscriptions. The purchases you’ll make are costly to start, but it’s worth the investment to be able to work wherever you want. To put aside funds for your home office setup or afford payments on tech necessities, try to reduce your monthly expenses. Here’s a few easy ways to save more money:

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  • Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions: Have you signed up for any free trials lately? Make sure you aren’t still paying for things you don’t use. Try using an app like Truebill. The basic membership is free, and it helps you find subscriptions you may not realize you’re being charged for.
  • Start Meal Planning: If you eat out more than you’d like to admit, try to save money by planning a weekly menu instead. Buy staples in bulk and prep your lunches for the week. Do a quick Google search for freezer-friendly recipes that you can make ahead for easy weeknight dinners.

Just like any workplace, your remote setup needs the fundamentals. No matter what your job is, there are some basic office tools you need to have. These five tech gadgets should be first on your purchase list.


One of the biggest benefits of working remotely is being able to take your work with you. If you work while you travel, a reliable laptop is a must. The best portable options should be lightweight but powerful. Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Apple’s MacBook Pro are popular picks for remote workers.

Wi-Fi Router

Another essential tech tool for your remote office is a portable router. More secure and reliable than a mobile hotspot, these are worth the investment. You can take it wherever you go and skip the public hotel Wi-Fi or expensive data usage.

Large Display

This is an important one for projects that require something larger than your laptop display or dual monitors. Monitors with 4K have excellent resolution and come in large sizes. There are even greater width options. A single extra-wide monitor is a more affordable and convenient option than getting dual ones.


Earphones are preferable over laptop microphones and speakers. This is especially true if you travel or live in a shared environment. Unless your job requires a full headset, Apple’s AirPods are suitable for everyday use and aren’t distracting on a video call. Ultimately, your headphones need to have quality audio and be compatible with all your devices.

Portable Hard Drive

Most remote workers have separate computers for work and home. Portable hard drives make it easy to store and share files. The best hard drive for remote work should have fast transfer speeds and sleek portability. It’s also worth finding one that’s compatible with older USB ports so you never run into an issue when using multiple devices.