Operation Blessing Marks First Anniversary of Taal Volcano Eruption by Delivering Livelihood to Survivors

Image Source: Operation Blessing

January 12th marked one year since the devastating Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines. It forced tens of thousands from their homes and the evacuation cost 39 lives.

Then, the pandemic hit shortly after which has hurt recovery efforts, especially among fishermen who lived right on the volcanic island.

Operation Blessing was among the first to provide disaster relief efforts, and on the first anniversary, it helped these fishermen get back in business.

The island used to be a famous tourist spot and home to 6,000 families, but now it’s a no man’s land because it’s been declared a permanent danger zone.

Former resident, Sherwin Puso recounts how frightening it was when the earth began to shake before the volcano erupted.

He told CBN News, “I was feeding fish on the lake when all of a sudden I saw smoke rising from the crater. I can hear the rumbling of the ground while there was an earthquake. That’s when me and my wife who was then five months pregnant fled the island.”

Losing their home, Sherwin and his wife had to move to the city and stay with relatives. He found a job as a factory worker but then after the pandemic hit, he was among those laid off.

As a Christian, Sherwin surrendered their situation to God. After his wife gave birth, Sherwin brought his family back to their hometown.

“If you really trust in God, you will have confidence in His perfect will. We went back to our hometown because I believe that whatever was lost, God will replace them,” Sherwin said.

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