Sri Lanka Health Minister Who Promoted Shaman’s Anti-Coronavirus Herbal Syrup Tests Positive

Pavithra Wanniarachchi has become the fourth Sri Lankan minister to test positive

Sri Lanka’s health minister, who endorsed herbal syrup to prevent Covid, has tested positive for the virus.

Pavithra Wanniarachchi tested positive on Friday, a media secretary at the Ministry of Health told the BBC.

She had promoted the syrup, manufactured by a shaman who claimed it worked as a life-long inoculation against the virus.

Sri Lanka recorded 56,076 cases and 276 deaths since the pandemic began, with cases surging in recent months.

Ms Wanniarachchi is the fourth minister to test positive. A junior minister, who also took the potion, tested positive earlier this week.

The health minister had publicly consumed and endorsed the syrup as a way of stopping the spread of the virus. The shaman who invented the syrup, which contains honey and nutmeg, said the recipe was given to him in a visionary dream.

Doctors in the country have quashed claims the herbal syrup works, but AFP news agency reports thousands have travelled to a village to obtain it.

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