Alterative BLM Organization ‘Every Black Life Matters’ Thanks Trump for his Support of All Black Lives

(Facebook/Every Black Life Matters)

The pro-life, Black life activist group, Every Black Life Matters, has sent a letter to former President Donald J. Trump, thanking him for the work he and his administration did to fight for the well-being of all Black lives.

As what they call a preeminent justice organization, Every BLM stands for justice for “Black life (and all other life) from womb to natural death.”

Their mission statement reads, “If we are complicit with precipitating foundations of injustice when life actually begins, it is impossible to assert we are for ‘justice’ in any domain or instances throughout life.”

In this spirit, the organization calls attention to Trump’s efforts to “improve Black life in every phase of life.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News