There’s a Devil Loose: Brooklyn Man Arrested for Murdering Three Neighbors at Senior Housing Complex Over Five Years Because They Didn’t Pay Him for Running Errands for Them

Juanita Caballero (pictured) 78, was found dead at her apartment on Friday with a telephone cord wrapped around her neck, police said

A Brooklyn man has been arrested and charged for allegedly killing three of his elderly neighbors at a senior housing development after they reportedly failed to pay him for helping them run errands.

Kevin Gavin, 66, is accused of committing a string of murders at the Carter G. Woodson Houses in Brownsville over a five-year period, but had somehow managed to fly under investigators’ radar up until now.

He is suspected of killing Myrtle McKenny, 82, Jacolia James, 83, and most recently, Juanita Caballero, 78 – all of whom live in the same building.

That three women could all be murdered in the same apartment complex with the police taking years to tie the cases together raises questions over the investigations at the time.

Kevin Gavin, 66, is suspected of killing Caballero at the Carter G. Woodson Houses in Brownsville (pictured) as well as two other women in the building in 2015 and 2019
Gavin is accused of killing 82-year-old neighbor, Myrtle McKenny (left) who was found dead in her apartment in November 2015.
Almost four years later, the battered body of Jacolia James, (right) 83, was discovered by her grandson in her home

For instance, the stab wound of one victim hadn’t been detected until she was embalmed at a local funeral home.

Caballero was pronounced dead in her apartment last Friday after her son arrived to find her lying on the floor with a telephone cord wrapped around her neck.

The NYPD on Thursday confirmed Gavin had been identified as a suspect in the cases, which ultimately linked him to the unsolved murders of two other women killed in the building in the last five years.

He is accused of killing McKenny, whose body was discovered in her sixth-floor apartment by her health aide in November 2015.

Her death was initially believed to have been a result of natural causes, but was later ruled a homicide after funeral home workers discovered a stab wound on her neck.

Gavin is believed to have struck again four years later in April, when the body of Jacolia James was found lying face down in her apartment by her grandson.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Karen Ruiz