Michael Murphy on Misguided Unity

We are hearing many calls from both sides of the political spectrum to unify, to be united. Many are correctly understanding these calls to be little more than a call to abandon your ‘wrong-headed thinking’ and join me in my ‘right-minded thinking.’ There is little in these calls that shows any desire to move away from the divisive patterns of judgment and condemnation of others who see things differently than we do. The truth is the political arena simply does not offer a hope for any kind of true unity and it is high time that Christians forsake looking for salvation in the political arena.

Now, I am not naïve. I know and understand that our values and beliefs are under great attack here in America, maybe more than they ever have been in the history of this country. Yet, I fear we are losing sight of the apostle Paul’s words to us that our enemy is not flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12). Our weapons are not fleshly weapons or political gains. I fear that when we engage at this level we are conforming to the patterns of this world (Rom. 12:2). We desperately need to engage the battle where it truly exists, in the spiritual realm and in our own hearts. I am certainly praying for our country and its leadership and it is needed now more than ever.

In a recent sermon, our pastor challenged us to pray that God would “break our hearts for what breaks His.” I have been spending more time in prayer on this topic of unity, especially within the family of Christian believers.  A recent review of articles in various Christian media revealed calls to excommunicate some, condemn others, focus on political action, and many other divisive approaches to disagreement. I am reminded of Jesus’ prayer when He was preparing for the cross. He prayed that they (we) may be one as He is one with the Father (John 17:21). That is the true call to unity; the source is in the Father and in our restored relationship with Him that was bought for us on the cross. My heart breaks when I see the disunity in the Body of Christ that is so prevalent today and I believe my heart is breaking because it also is breaking God’s heart.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy is co-author of Leading Beyond Your Limits.  He has served in a variety of leadership roles in ministry settings in both church and mission fields since 1993.