Is herd immunity IMPOSSIBLE? Highly infectious ‘super-coronavirus plague’ variants could mean that even vaccinating every American would fail to eradicate the virus because they’re not 100% effective, study suggests

Even vaccinating 100 percent of the population may not be enough to eradicate COVID-19 once ‘super-covid’ variants become dominant in the US, a new study suggests.

The emergence of more infectious variants means that each new case could lead to a greater number of additional cases. As a result, vaccines – even the most effective ones – may not be able to outpace the rate of transmission.

Analysis from the University of East Anglia (UEA) found that the efficacy of the currently available vaccines, combined with the emergence of new more infectious strains of the virus, means the reproduction rate, described by scientists as ‘R’ will always stay above zero, meaning each infection will lead to another case.

If the transmission rate of coronavirus could be slowed to an R number of one, the pandemic would be considered ‘stable.’ If it falls below one, infectious disease experts would consider the outbreak to be waning.

The East Anglia study suggests that even the shot with the best efficacy rating – Pfizer’s, at 95 percent – would need to be given to be given to more than 80 percent of the population to bring the R number of the UK variant (or similarly infectious ones) below one.

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Source: Daily Mail