Country Singer Coffey Anderson on Netflix Show “Country Ever After,” His Path to Music, and His Decision to ‘Follow the Example Jesus Set’

“Country Ever After,” starring Coffey and Criscilla Anderson, is now streaming on Netflix. | Netflix

Country singer Coffey Anderson, his wife Criscilla and their three children have left audiences laughing, crying, and simply enjoying the family’s day-to-day antics since the release of their popular Netflix reality TV show, “Country Ever After.”

The Andersons invited cameras in to capture their ups, downs and inbetweens as Criscilla, a talented hip-hop dancer, battled cancer, Coffey grew his independent country music career, and the duo raised their young kids.

Coffey Anderson recently took the “Edifi With Billy Hallowell” podcast through his path into music, his faith journey — and how “Country Ever After” came to fruition.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Billy Hallowell