Trump ‘wants to ditch Republicans and start his own Patriot Party’ after telling supporters his movement is ‘just beginning’

Donald Trump has reportedly discussed forming a new political party called the Patriot Party after telling supporters the ‘movement we started is just beginning’ in his farewell address to the nation.

The outgoing president is said to have spoken with aides about the idea, The Wall Street Journal first reported. It is not known how serious he is in going ahead with the idea.

Trump on Tuesday vowed to be a continued presence on the political stage, noting his ‘movement’ is ‘only just beginning. ‘Now, as I prepare to hand power over to a new administration at Noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning,’ he said.

But his vow to stay a force in politics could cause some Republicans to squirm. Trump divided Republicans among those who supported his isolationist agenda and those who disliked his harsh rhetoric.

Mitch McConnell said Tuesday the outgoing president ‘provoked’ the MAGA crowd who stormed the Capitol two weeks ago in his most outright denunciation of the president. ‘The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people,’ the majority leader said in Senate floor remarks.

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Source: Daily Mail