Israel’s top doctor claims first Pfizer vaccine dose is not even HALF as effective as it claims as thousands of Americans miss their second shots amid rollout fiasco

The first dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is less than half effective as some officials indicated, Israel’s top infectious disease doctor claims.

Dr Nachman Ash, one of the medics leading the Covid-19 response in Israel – which is leading the world in the race to vaccinate its population – said the first installment of the jab did not cut infection rates as much as he had hoped.

He told local media Army Radio: ‘Many people have been infected between the first and second injections of the vaccine.’ It can take 10 days or more for the immunity to kick in.

Reports are sparse, but at least one American has been infected after his first dose of Pfizer’s shot, and doctors expect it to happen with some regularity.

Immunity from the first dose kicks in within 12 to 14 days after it’s given, rising to a peak then falling, and Israel is waiting the 21 days Pfizer and regulators recommended between doses. After a second dose, the shot is 95 percent effective.

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Source: Daily Mail