Bill Barr says Trump’s election fraud claims ‘precipitated’ Capitol riot in his first TV interview since resigning as Attorney General

Bill Barr has said that Donald Trump’s allegations of election fraud and his claims that the Presidency was ‘stolen’ from him ‘precipitated’ the DC riots, in his first TV interview since resigning as Attorney General.

Barr was asked about Trump and his campaign’s claims about the legitimacy of the election, and appeared to take a swipe at his former boss.

ITV News Global Security Editor Rohit Kachroo asked Barr: ‘Perhaps the debate about the integrity of the election was the final straw?’

Barr replied: ‘I think that was the thing that precipitated the riots on the Hill’

The jab follows reports that Barr resigned as Attorney General on December 23 after telling President Donald Trump that his widespread voter fraud claims were ‘bulls**t’ and the legal team he was assembling was ‘clownish.’

Before he left office, Barr said publicly that there was no widespread election fraud and in the ITV interview he sought to distance himself from the Capitol rioters – claiming that he had been worried about violence from Trump supporters.

He added; ‘I’m sad to see, but not surprised in a way to see, the kind of violence we saw on Capitol Hill. I consider it despicable, and – I was not attorney general, I had already left office when that occurred – but I felt that they should move very quickly to disperse that crowd, regardless of which side of the political spectrum is involved.’

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Source: Daily Mail