WATCH: FBI Surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr. Detailed in New Documentary, “MLK/FBI”

The extent to which the FBI went to spy on Martin Luther King Jr. is explored in the new documentary “MLK/FBI” by director Sam Pollard. The film is based on a 1981 book by historian David Garrow.

“I know the history of Ida B. Wells. I understand the history of America after Reconstruction and how African Americans have struggled through the years of Jim Crow and segregation and lynching,” the director said in an interview with The Atlantic. “I think one of the important things about this film is that it’s an opportunity not just for those of us who know this history, but for those who don’t, to come to grips with the complexity of American history.”

As noted by the outlet, on August 30, the head of the FBI’s domestic intelligence sent his colleagues a memo about King, warning “We must mark him now as the most dangerous Negro in the future of this Nation.”

As reported by Urban Hollywood 411, the IFC Films release is based on “newly discovered and declassified files, interviews, and restored archival footage,” and details how the FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover viewed King as “the world’s most notorious liar.”

A voice in the trailer says, “The FBI was most alarmed about King because of his success.”

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SOURCE: eur web – Ny Magee