Chuck Bentley Answers: Is America Headed Towards an Economic Collapse?

Dear Chuck,  

Is America heading towards an economic collapse? If so, how do I prepare? 

Worried Boomer 

Dear Worried Boomer,

My view is we are headed towards another economic crisis with a low risk of an actual economic and/or currency collapse. In either scenario, there are ways to be prepared.

Economic Crisis vs. Collapse 

An economic crisis is different from a collapse. America has worked through several in my lifetime: ‘70s stagflation, ‘81 recession, ‘89 savings and loan crisis, post-9/11 recession, ‘08 great financial crisis, and the 2020 coronavirus crisis we are in now. A collapse is brought on by a complex set of factors that must merge simultaneously but at its very core is a devastating interruption in economic output and/or a loss of confidence in a currency.

In an article for Investopedia, Sean Ross explains, “The root of any collapse stems from a lack of faith in the stability or usefulness of money to serve as an effective store of value or medium of exchange. As soon as users stop believing that a currency is useful, that currency is in trouble.”

The advantage America has is that no other nation has the vast diversification of economic output nor presents a viable alternative to the stability of the U.S. dollar….yet.

The two warning signs of a possible collapse are (1) high unemployment and (2) runaway inflation. Essentially, this is when there are not enough jobs for the economy to grow and too much worthless money being pumped into the economy.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Chuck Bentley

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