Jamie Brown on Why Contemporary Worship Music is Dead, Dying, and Decaying

[Editor’s note: Reading through the comments below, we want to clarify this article was written as a satirical piece. It’s posted in the hope it will generate discussion about our response to different worship music styles, with the belief that we can be a bit more gracious when we talk about this hot topic. It is intended to be, as the subtitle to the right says, “tongue-in-cheek.” We hope it helps you think more deeply about worship music, and please be kind to one another in the comments. Thanks!]

It’s become clear to me that contemporary worship music is dead, dying and decaying. Think I’m wrong? I’m not. Here’s my proof. (Read it and weep. Really. Please weep.):

Contemporary worship music is dead, dying and decaying:

1. The new songs aren’t nearly as old as the older songs.

“All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name” was written in 1779! “Ten Thousand Reasons” was written in 2011. These new songs aren’t even close to being as old as the old songs. The old songs have been around for several hundred years! These new ones? Not nearly that long!

2. Some of the new songs are trying to pretend they’re old hymns.

Have you read some of the new songs? They’re trying to act like they’re hymns, with their deep theology and everything. It’s ridiculous.

3. Whatever happened to singing

Isaac WattsHasn’t he written anything new lately? Why aren’t we singing his new stuff? Even more ridiculous. We’re missing out on new material from the old hymn writers.

4. Bad stuff

Some of the new stuff coming out is really bad and unsingable. You think the old hymn writers ever wrote bad hymns and ended up throwing them away? I doubt it. How do you spell infallible? S-P-A-F-F-O-R-D, that’s how.

5. Look in the old hymnals…

See any of these new songs in the old hymnals? Nope. They’re not good enough to be in there.

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SOURCE: Church Leaders, Jamie Brown