Mission Cry Obtains Rights to Spanish Translation of the New Testament

(Photo courtesy of Luis Quintero via Unsplash)

After receiving rights to the 2010 Reina Valera Gomez Spanish translation of the New Testament, Mission Cry will be able to send shipments of Spanish Bibles to Central and South America.

The donated Bibles and books Mission Cry receives are, of course, printed in English. However, Jason Woolford says many people around the world are still able to utilize these resources.

“English is the financial language of the world, [and] the World Wars left English behind. Throughout the world, we see so many English-speaking peoples. We’ve now given over $390 million of donated Bibles and Christian books to 177 nations, and those have all been in English,” Woolford says.

Central and South America, however, are areas where English materials aren’t particularly helpful. A new opportunity this year will be reaching these Spanish-speaking populations.

“[Recently] we got the same rights for a different version of the New Testament in Spanish, so we will now have the Mission Cry Spanish Bible, too,” Woolford explains.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Rachel Pfeiffer


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  • Pray for Mission Cry’s ministry in Central and South America.